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Ep:018 PTSD W/Ben Connolly

Hi everyone!

Welcome back! We have a great interview with our good friend Ben from Angel&Anchor about his PTSD. Ben is super honest and open about how he found out about his PTSD right up to present. This is a mental health issue that people most people think only affects those serving in war zones, which I came to learn is not the case.

Please send your love to Ben and share the post with your world as we reckon this will be super helpful to alot of folk.





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Ep: 017 Hope

This is part two of the previous episode regarding Mike working with his depression. This is an update on how useful Mike has found the doctors advice and if he has seen any improvement from the chat last October. 





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Ep: 016 Mikes depression PT 1

To kick off mental health month, we have Mike talking about his depression during the time in his life he was just getting treatment. This is part of a past episode that begins with us talking about SAD syndrome and ending with Mike opening up about his personal experience with mental health issues. On Wednesday we have a catch up to see how Mike is working through his depression with the help of some tools. 

If you or anyone is affected by anything we talk about this month then please contact your doctor or talk to someone like the Samaritans on 116 123

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Ep: 013 Leon & Shayla from Flannelgraph

This week Mike interviews Leon and Shayla from the Montana band Flannelgraph. We talk about their new EP, trying to make it in a small town, how good it is to play live, St Patricks day and a whole lot else. Its super fun and they were really great guests. Find out more about Flannelgraph by following the links below:




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Ep: 012 David Wimbish/The Collection

This weeks episode features the brilliant Dave Wimbish of North Carolina band 'The Collection'. Dave talks about recording the new album, touring with The Oh Hellos, and his love for a fine movie. This is a great open and honest discussion about art and faith, we know you'll love it. Also check out their official website and pledgemusic campaign sites for more info on how you can support the band. 



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Ep: 010 The Roundup w/Mike

In this weeks short episode Mike discusses whats coming up in the next few podcasts and talks about Kanye West, #blacklivesmatter, the oscars, new music from Lissie and more. We really hope you enjoy this little taster and hope to see you next week for a full episode - please remember to like share and rate friends!



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Ep: 008 Marriage pt one/The wives

Andy is getting married in a few months so we dedicated the next couple of episodes to marriage. Part one include Ben Connolly and Mikes wives being asked some fairly personal questions including ones about contraception and  how christians approach talking about sex. Ben and Mike have written the questions for their wives to answer and the answers are pretty fun and interesting. If you're already married, you're getting married or if you're just dating someone, then this should be really interesting and fun to listen to! In part two the ladies ask Ben and Mike the questions!

Collateral Damage

If I were to ask you what images or words would fall under the term collateral damage, I wonder how you might respond. To me the term conjures up images of building, apartments, churches and schools blown to dust in war torn cities where conflict is the norm. These once bustling, excitable areas of the city now remain eerily vacant. Occupied by the ghosts of memories very recently past. This, all because they were the unintended targets of ‘well meaning’ countries aiming to clear the area of danger. Danger in the form of evil individuals hell bent on destroying lives of the innocents.

The other more prominently sad image collateral damage stirs up in my tiny and very limited brain, is one of children, parents, and family members being drenched in blood, not necessarily their own, running from the places they once called home because they became unintended targets. Men, women, children and the vulnerable of their society succumbing to the same fate as the evil men/women the bombs had intended to destroy.

Progressive in language, backwards in reality

As a society with such progressive views, how did we fail to grasp the seriousness of what collateral damage really is? Even the term ‘Collateral damage’ seems void of any feeling. Its as though it were created to separate the head from the heart when discussing the possibility of war. You may view me as being ridiculously liberal when talking about this issue, but my belief is that we need to understand and fully take hold of the grim seriousness this war has placed before us. If we had our feet placed in the plimsolls of those running for their lives, would we be forced to think differently as we sit shaking our head at the image of refugees on the six o’clock news?

‘Listen Michael, give me a better option than bombing these areas, you have to understand there are always going to be innocent casualties of war’.

How the hell did we end up here? Since when was unintended death permissible? 

Is this a responsible way to think and act as we head further into the 21st century?

I need you to understand, I fully support the military – The men and women laying down their lives for our freedom will always have my heart. When I voiced my distain for the bombing in Syria some folk rushed to the though that I did not respect those on the front line. This is completely untrue. What frustrates me is a ten hour day in Parliament can determine lives being put in danger within an hour of men with comfortable lives saying ‘yea’(the first bombs dropped within an hour of the discussion being passed through the house of commons). The Syrian people are not the only ones whose lives are now in danger. Spare a thought for the brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, sons, daughters and partners now facing crazy difficult decisions in the coming days, weeks and years as they face war in their future.

Some folk reading this may be biting their tongue for fear of swearing at the screen because what I’m talking about seems far too ‘wishy-washy’. I don’t blame you, really I don’t. You ask for better alternatives and the truth is I cant give you any. I’m not intelligent enough for answers that don’t involve bombs, guns or war. Its just deep down in my gut I feel far too uneasy about how we are going about the resolution of this horrible situation.  I know my wishful thinking wont eradicate ISIS/ISIL/DAESH. What I do understand is that this is a very intricate and delicate moment in time we find ourselves alive in. The stakes are at the highest they could ever be, and we need to be awake to every decision being made on our behalf.

"Do we go blood for blood?"

Should we respond blood for blood? Do we really believe that reacting with violence will lead to the absence of a world without evil? I see it as a little contradictory, but maybe my view is skewed somehow. When we look at history Christians don’t have a great record with peace in the middle east, for instance, the Crusades. What really troubled me when reading about the crusades was man’s lack of understanding for the same biblical text we have today. In particular one verse stands out – ‘LOVE YOU ENEMIES AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU’ (Matt 5 :44). This verse can really infuriate me. Especially after witnessing the aftermath of the Paris attacks unfold. If some of us are honest, it would be fair to say we wanted bloody revenge. Show no mercy and hunt down the evil men/women who perpetrated these attacks. Yet if I follow what Jesus asks of me, I'm called to love them?

I don’t know if I can do that, but I know I need to try. Hate begets hate, revenge for revenge, blood for blood. The circle needs to be broken at some point. This does not mean absence of justice, as you know we have a system in place for that, regardless of how flawed it sometimes seems.

"Life is but a precious flicker"

We are not like the evil cowards that now roam our streets looking to fulfil their own sick missions. Each of us were given this life, therefore its not ours to take. Collateral damage can be human souls, it can be children with dreams and aspirations or a husband and wife looking to build a future filled with joy. Life is but a precious little flicker in a dark and desolate world. It is not ours to take, even if it is by accident because we tried to remove other humans from existence.

The bombs will drop. As for now they are inevitable and people like you and me have no way of slowing them down or bringing them to a conclusion. Lets rewrite what is inevitable. Let love and compassion become thenorm as we welcome those searching for somewhere to rest their heavy hearts.

We are all refugees headed home together.

Lets rewrite the inevitable and pray for resolution for everyone involved throughout the world in this conflict.

Mike Ball

EP: 005 Leaving a Ministry/S.A.D Syndrome

Should Michael feel guilty leaving a worship leader role that he has only been part of for two months? Can coffee cups be christian? Is Shia LaBeouf a genius? All this plus a pretty heavy and interesting (we reckon) discussion on S.A.D syndrome that leads to Michael and Andy talking about depression and how its played a massive part in their lives.

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Ep 003: Jamie Neish/MTC

Ep 003: Jamie Neish/MTC







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